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Board Members

By: (Friday, December/16/2016)

Members elected to the Board will serve the period between one Assembly and the next (normally a 4-year term). Each Board member respresents a jurisdiction, and a Representative is then appointed as a Director of the Board. Once elected, the jurisdiction remains a Board member the entire term although the Representative/Director may change, however, most jurisdictions will normally appoint a fixed representative to serve the full term.

The President and Deputy President are elected from within the Board and serve one-half of the period between one Assembly to the next, respectively (normally a 2-year term). When the Deputy President steps up as the President, a new Deputy President is elected from within the Board.

The President is known as an ex-officio member of the Board and chairs the Board meetings.

The following Board members will be serving from October 2015 until October/November 2019. All Directors were elected/appointed in October 2015 unless otherwise stated.

 Board Member  Representative/Director
 President  Jackie Poirier
 Deputy President / India  Manoj Fadnis
 Australia  Low Weng Keong
 Bangladesh  Anwaruddin Chowdhury
 Canada  Lyle Handfield
 China P.R.  Yang Chenhui
 Japan  Shinji Someha
 Korea R.O.  Yeong-Kyun Ahn
 Nepal  Prakash Lamsal
 New Zealand  Gill Cox
 Pakistan  Nadeem Yousuf Adil
 Sri Lanka  Lasantha Wikremasinghe
 U.S.A.  Jim Knafo
 Chief Executive  Brian Blood

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