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IAASB issues public survey to inform its Work Plan for 2017-2018

23 August 2016

The International Auditing and Assurance Standards Board (IAASB) has published a survey consultation and is seeking feedback from a wide of stakeholders. The survey consultation, The IAASB's Work Plan for 2017-2018 and Continuing Relevance of Its Strategic Objectives, will assist the board in evaluating its priorities for 2017-2018 and allocating its resources in the best way possible.

The IAASB is asking respondents to highlight key priorities or, alternatively, to note whether certain topics are less relevant as this will be helpful to the board in deciding whether its focus should change from any of its current priorities to those more relevant from a public interest perspective.

CAPA encourages all professional accountancy organisations (PAOs) and its members to respond to this consultation. "It is important that PAOs and its members provide views in consultations like this because individual practitioners and the organisations they work for will be the ones to use the works produced by the IAASB, and also the ones close to any issue arising from implementing these standards," says CAPA Chief Executive, Brian Blood.

PAOs can access the IFAC or IAASB website for instructions on how to take the survey. Additional information to supplement the consultation is also available. The survey is open for response until 30 September 2016 at: http://www.ifac.org/news-events/2016-07/iaasb-issues-public-survey-inform-its-work-plan-2017-2018