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Financial Reform for Economic Development in Asia - Public Sector Forum 2016

May 2016

CAPA and the World Bank jointly organised the second Financial Reform for Economic Development Forum (FRED 2) in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, focused on the public sector in Asia. This event was partly sponsored by the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), the Chartered Institute of Public Finance & Accountancy (CIPFA) and PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) Malaysia.

Themed 'Driving Future Outcomes from Past Experience', the forum explores how improved public financial management contributes to strengthening the public sector, improving government accountability and transparency, thereby supporting poverty reduction and economic growth. Read more about the Forum here.

Click on the links below to access various materials from the forum, including Program, Speaker Profiles, a summary of the Forum Outcomes, selected Presentations and Photographs.

Forum Program & Speaker Profiles

Summary of Forum Outcomes

Selected Presentations

Plenary A: Emerging Trends in Asia - Implications for Public Financial Management

  • Sandeep Saxena - Senior Economist, Fiscal Affairs Department, International Monetary Fund

Plenary B: Improving Public Financial Management, Part 1 - PFM Retrospective Study

Plenary C: Improving Public Financial Management, Part 2 - View from the Profession

  • Brian Blood - Chief Executive, Confederation of Asian and Pacific Accountants
  • Helen De Guzman - President, Asian Confederation of Institutes of Internal Auditors

Breakout 1: What are the practical challenges in implementing IPSAS?

Breakout 2: Public Private Partnership in Audit - Win-win Collaborations?

  • Lyn Provost - Controller and Auditor General of New Zealand and Secretary General, Pacific Association of Supreme Audit Institutions
  • Michael G. Aguinaldo - Chairman, Commission on Audit of the Philippines
  • Gamini Wijesinghe - Auditor General, Auditor General's Department of Sri Lanka
  • Jamal A.N. Usmani - Deputy Auditor General of Pakistan
  • Vincent Tophoff - Senior Technical Manager and <<Accountability.Now>> Leader, International Federation of Accountants

Plenary D: Partnering with the Private Sector - Improving Outcomes

  • Syed Afsor H. Uddin - Chief Executive Officer, Public Private Partnership Office of the Prime Minister, Bangladesh
  • Eiji Koga - Senior Advisor to Director General, Japan International Cooperation Agency
  • Stephen Schuster - Senior Financial Sector Specialist, Asian Development Bank
  • Andrew Kinloch - Managing Director, Logie Group Ltd. Hong Kong (discussion points)

Plenary E: Public Financial Management - Driving Future Outcomes from Past Experience

  • Ian Ball - Chair, CIPFA International
  • Ross Campbell - Director of Public Sector, ICAEW
  • Sofia Dahiya - Joint Controller General of Accounts, Ministry of Finance, Government of India
  • Noriharu Masugi - Director, Japan International Cooperation Agency

Plenary F: CAPA Publication Launch - Attracting and Retaining Finance Personnel in the Public Sector

  • All Panelists - Brian Blood; Gillian Fawcett; Anwar Chowdhury - CAPA Director, Bangladesh and member of IPSASB Consultative Advisory Group; Andrew Leck - Director, Public Sector Development, ACCA

Reports from Breakout Sessions

  • P.K. Subramanian - Lead Financial Management Specialist, East Asia & Pacific Region, Governance Global Practice, World Bank
  • Gambhir Bhatta - Technical Advisor, Governance, Asian Development Bank

Plenary G: Open Forum - Speaking up for Asia

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