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PAO Development

Professional Accountancy Organisations (PAOs) are membership bodies comprised of individual professional accountants, auditors, and/or accounting technicians who perform a variety of roles in the accountancy field and adhere to high-quality standards of practice. When PAOs function properly, they have the ability to support the production of high-quality financial information, which contributes to public and private sector development and has the power to drive economic growth, the effectiveness of international aid, and social progress.

The International Federation of Accountants (IFAC) supports the development of professional accountancy organisations via their PAO Development Committee. Substantial information about the committee and/or guidance materials related to PAO development can be found at: http://www.ifac.org/about-ifac/professional-accountancy-organization-development-committee

One of the key focus areas for CAPA is to assist PAOs develop, grow and mature, as reflected in our Mission Statement which was revised in mid-2011. Since then, CAPA has held various activities focused on PAO development. Further details of such activities can be found in the PAO Development category of the CAPA Resource Materials section.

In 2014, CAPA's PAO Development Committee (PAODC) launched a publication titled 'Maturity Model for the Development of Professional Accountancy Organisations'. The aim of this document is to assist in the development of PAOs, irrespective of their current stage of development. It provides a roadmap for organisational growth based on measurement and improvement of practices and processes. A copy of the publication can be downloaded from the PAO Development category of the CAPA Resource Materials section.