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Vision and Mission

CAPA revisited its vision and mission in 2011 and proposed changes to reflect its current position as the Regional Organisation in Asia-Pacific, as well as its goals and aspirations for the accountancy profession in the region.

In addition, CAPA introduced new core values to establish the organisation's culture and to provide a framework for Members and stakeholders working together and taking decisions.

Vision - for the Profession in the region

A relevant and respected accounting profession, trusted and valued by governments and businesses, and recognised for contributing to the development of sustainable financial markets and economies.

Vision - for CAPA (as an organisation)

An inspirational leader for the accounting profession in the region.


The mission of CAPA is to develop, coordinate, and advance the accounting profession in the region, by:

  • Contributing to the formation and development of strong and sustainable professional accounting organisations capable of providing and maintaining accountants to effectively meet the needs of the country in which they operate
  • Fostering a cohesive accounting profession within the region, by facilitating the development of relationships and sharing of knowledge amongst professional accounting organisations
  • Promoting the benefits of high quality financial management and performance management and reporting in public, not-for-profit, and private sectors, including international standards in accounting, audit, ethics and accounting education
  • Liaising with international, regional, and national organisations to influence the development of efficient and effective capital markets
  • Promoting the value of professional accountants in the region
  • Providing input to, and supporting the global profession in, matters of public interest, including establishing and issuing policy positions


The Members and staff of CAPA embrace the following core values:

  • Trust - displaying honesty, transparency, integrity and fairness
  • Respect - recognising and rewarding each other's contributions and efforts
  • Cooperation - sharing freely, responding promptly
  • Inclusiveness - welcoming to others
  • Positive attitude - working with a commitment tobe successful
  • Excellence - doing what we say we will and striving for quality
  • Kaizen - continually improving


(updated Nov 2013)