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Environmental Accounting CSR Survey 2009

October 2009

In response to the fact that the increasingly serious and complex environmental and social issues in today's world would require the strict attention and concern of businesses and investment communities, CAPA conducted a survey on environmental accounting and corporate social responsibility.

The survey project, lead by the Japanese Institute of Certified Public Accountants with a task force chaired by Dr. Takeshi Mizuguchi, aims to stimulate CAPA member bodies activities on environmental accounting/CSR issues and sharing such information with all member bodies.

The findings were published in a main survey report released on 31 October 2009 at a forum in Beijing, China.  Click on the links below to access the report and forum materials.

CAPA Environmental Accounting & CSR Survey 2009

1) Executive Summary

2) Main Survey Report

CAPA Environmental Accounting & CSR Forum 2009

1) Forum Program

2) Presentation slides

  • Dr. Takeshi Mizuguchi  - CAPA Member Bodies’ Activities on Environmental Accounting & CSR
  • Professor Liyan Wang  - Information Contents Usefulness in the Environmental Accounting & CSR Report
  • Bill Palmer - Approach to Environmental Accounting & CSR: Australian Experience
  • John Purcell  - An Assessment of Key Internal and External Drivers Shaping CPA Australia’s sustainability & CSR Agenda: An Example of One Member Body’s Approach

3) Press Release article