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CAPA has a Member in the Philippines, Philippine Institute of Certified Public Accountants .

Philippine Institute of Certified Public Accountants
The accounting profession gained formal recognition in this country with the enactment on March 17, 1923 of the first Accountancy Law (Act No. 3105). The law established the title 'Certified Public Accountant' (CPA) for those passing a written licensure examination to be qualified for the CPA title and created the Board of Accountancy to regulate the exercise of the profession.

Six years later, in November 1929, about 50 CPAs organised the PICPA to identify themselves more distinctly with the business community.

After the 2nd World War, the Institute was reorganised and registered as a corporation with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

The Accountancy Act of 1923, was superceeded by the Accountancy Act of 1967 known as the Public Act no. 5166. This Act governs the standardisation of accounting education, the examination for registration of CPAs, and the regulation of the practice of accountancy in the Philippines.

PICPA is a private professional organisation which represents the collative interests of its members. To be a member, a person must be a CPA and holds a valid certificate issued by the Board of Accountancy. There are no other pre-admission requirements but members must agree to abide by the the Articles of Incorporation, By-Laws and Rules and Regulations of PICPA.

In 1988, by government mandate - PICPA implemented the integration of the Philippine accountancy profession. 

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